Pirate Captain Edward Low Last update 28th August 2001

Low, Edward (also known as Ned) - English pirate. Born in Westminster, England, where he worked as a ship rigger. He travelled at sea with his brother, ending up in Boston, where he met a pertty girl named Eliza Marble, well respected, whom he married. They had a son, who died an infant, and a daughter Elizabeth. Eliza died in labour, leaving Low with his daughter.

Initially he used the same 'pirate' flag as Teach, with a red flag run up if a fight ensued. Late in his career, in July 1723, he flew a black flag with a red skeleton. Mention is made of a flag in his early career called the Green Trumpeter, which is a geen silk flag with a yellow figure of a man blowing a trumpet on it, used to signal his other ships that the captains of the pirate fleet were to meet on his ship. It was hoisted on the mizzen peak.

Ships Sailed


Ships captured



Name Age Home
Charles Harris (Captain) 25 London
William Blads 28 Rhode Island
Daniel Hide 23 Virginia
Thomas Powel junior 21 Connecticut
Stephen Mundon 20 London
Thomas Huggit 30 London
William Read 35 Londonderry Ireland
Peter Kneeves 32 Exeter
James Brinkly 28 Suffolk
Joseph Sound 28 Westminster
William Shutfield 40 Lancaster
Edward Eaton 38 Wrexham, Wales
John Brown 29 County of Durham
Edward Lawson 20 Isle of Man
Owen Rice 27 South Wales
John Tompkins 23 Gloucestershire
John Fitzgerald 21 Limerick, Ireland
Abraham Lacy 21 Devonshire
Thomas Linister 21 Lancashire
Francis Leyton 39 New York
John Waters (QuarterMaster) 35 County of Devon
William Jones 28 London
Charles Church 21 St Margaret's, Westminster
Thomas Hazel 50
John Bright 25
All Above were found guilty and executed 19th July 1723
John Brown 17 Liverpool
Patrick Cunningham 25
Above 2 were found guilty, but were reprieved after a year
John Wilson 23 New London County
Henry Barnes 22 Barbados
Thomas Jones 17 Flur in Wales
Joseph Switzer 24 Boston
Thomas Mumper (Indian) Mather's Vineyard
John Hincher (Doctor) 22 Edinburgh, Scotland
John Fletcher 17
Thomas Child 15
Above 8 were found not guilty
Total 35, average age 26.18yrs. 10 to 12 others were killed in action prior to capture


Ships Articles

  1. Every sailor captured be given ample chance and encouragement to join the company and so grow their number
  2. No married man be forced to join their company
  3. Prisoners were not to be killed in cold blood
  4. No one to talk in secret with prisoners
  5. Ships of England were not to be taken (unless fate decreed otherwise, and they captured one in innocence)
  6. No boats were to be sent between ships after 8PM until morning light
  7. That if any of the Company shall advise, or speak any thing tending to the separating or breaking of the Company, or shall by any Means offer or endeavour to desert or quit the Company, that person shall be shot to Death by the Quarter Master's Order, without the sentence of a Court Martial.

    A copy of his articles printed on 8th Aug 1723 listed

  8. The captain is to have two full shares, the master is to have one share and a half, the doctor, mate, gunner and botswaine, one share and a quarter.
  9. He that shall be found guilty of taking up any unlawful weapon on board the privateer or any other prize by us taken, so as to strike or abuse one another in any regard, shall suffer what punishment the captain and majority of the company shall see fit.
  10. He that shall eb found guilty of cowardice in the time of engagements, shall suffer what punishment the captain and majority of the company shall think fit.
  11. If any gold, jewels, silver etc be found on board any prize or prizes to the valu eof a piece of eight, and the finder does not deliver it unto the quarter master in the space of 24 hours, she shall suffer what punishment the captain and majority of the company shall think fit.
  12. He that is found guilty of gaming, or defrauding one anotehr to the value of a royal plate, shall suffer what punishment the captain and majority of the company shall think fit.
  13. He that shall have the misfortune to loose a limb in time of engagement shall have the sum of 600 pieces of eight, and remain aboard as long as he sees fit
  14. Good quarters to be given when craved
  15. He that sees a sail first shall have the best pistol or small arm aboard her
  16. He that shall be guilty of drunkenness in time of engagement shall suffer what punishment the captain and company shall think fit
  17. No snapping of guns in the hold

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