Napoleonic Austria - The Campaign of 1805

Last Update 2nd November 2002

This document is a wargamer's guide to Austria in the disastrous campaign against France in 1805, written to suit the Elan rules system. This is not intended to be an in depth detailed study of the campaign, which must be left to Europeans with good access to archival material. Enough information is presented here to give an overview of the campaign itself and enough formation and uniform details for a wargamer to suitably paint and base their miniatures to a reasonable standard. There are enough vagaries in some units for perfectionists to require further details from more in depth historical analysis. The reader is also cautioned that there has been, and continues to be, alot of misinformation about the Austrian army. Many parts of this campaign where Napoleon was not present have also been conveniently buried in history. As far as practical this document has been verified against current research.

I apologise to the Germans for being unable to insert the suitable umlauts in the texts.

Where other allied troops are listed through texts, they are shown in national colours such: Austrian, Bavarian, British, French, Prussian, Russian. Unit abbreviations where necessary are: Div:Division Bgde:Brigade Regt:Regiment Btn:Battalion Coy:Company Sqn:Squadron. While the Austrians fought a number of battles with their allies the Russians, the Russian formations and details are not described in any details except for unit strengths in the historical order of battles.



Politics & Overview

The Army - Formation Composition and Painting Guides

Historical Actions and Orders of Battle

Generic Formations for Elan Gaming

A Brief Introduction to Choosing Austria, and Wargaming in General

Austrian Wargame Figures in Various Scales

Campaigning Austria in 1805

Austrian Colour Guides Charts by Mike MacGillivray & Dave Hollins on the S&Y Website

Further Reading & Bibliography